My Brother's Role In My Life

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When I start my high school, both my parents and also my grandparents take turns to send me in and out of school also same goes to my brother before he gets his license. My grandfather, stepped into the role of my father many times as my father is quite busy with his work. My grandmother also do some part of being a mother to me as my mother is kind of a workaholic, working lady. Being raise by four parents is something grateful that anyone couldn 't ask for that and I would highly suggest for anyone.

My grandfather which is my ‘Ah Gong’ played a big role into my life. This is because he helped me with my work all the time when I have difficulties, his patience is incredible that even my teacher couldn 't beat him. Also, When I have any problems in school like involving in ‘high school dramas’ or what happened in school everyday, He’ll be the first one to know. This is the reason why I am used to rely on people because my family members had made me became so dependant. Sometimes, when its ah gong turn to send me to school, he would get me up early before school and take me to the cafes to have my favourite hot chocolate while he had coffee and read the newspaper. My ah gong went to every birthday of mine, every major event in my life like attending my school graduation with my families and also my school’s parent-teacher day.

During my senior year, right after christmas, my ah gong sadly, was diagnosed with stage three (IIIB) lung cancer which means the cancer has

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