My Butterfly: An Elegy By Robert Frost

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Robert Frost
Robert Frost was born on the 26th of March 1874 and died at the age of 88 due to complication in the prostate surgery on the 29th of Jan 1963. Frost experienced a hard lifestyle throughout his journey which is often reflected in his poems through the genres of isolation, sense of duty, rationality, nature, etc.
In his early years, his father passed away due to tuberculosis which then authorised him as the man of the house (sense of duty). Frost then decided to move with his mother and sister to his Grandparents house. Where he attended Lawrence High School and met the love of his life, Elinor White.
Following the great success of his first poem "My Butterfly: an Elegy," in 1894 poem, he decided to propose Elinor. After his wedding He moved to the farm with his family where he experienced many family deaths. These events then became his inspiration for the relationship between mankind and nature and encouraged him to write poetry regarding his rough times.
However he could not find any publisher willing to underwrite his poems. Therefore, he and his family decided to move to England where he found two poets Ezra Pound and Edward Thomas who later became his inspiration.
Frost was highly recognised on his Arrival in America, due to World War I where he met a good friend and a publisher. The idea of migration and isolation is widely expressed in his poems thorough metaphors, personification and imagery. In 1938 he was struck with another tragedy as his wife
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