My Car-Personal Narrative

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Just a few months after I got my license I was driving my friend Kylee from the school to the softball field so we could warm up before our game. On the way down to the field on the dirt road I heard a loud noise and knew something had just been messed up. I get out of my car and saw a huge dent in the side, I had hit a post. About three months later just after school had gotten out, my car was put into the shop and I was borrowing my grandma’s car. Wednesday night after church some friends and I had gone to get ice cream at Sunny Skies and we all rode together. We get back to the church and I leave for Kylee’s house. I got behind a small dark colored car that did not go the speed limit and was going twenty under the whole time. We get onto Harnett Central Rd and there is a long straight away passing zone so I chose to pass the car. The guy driving decides to speed up as I try to pass and a different car comes around the curve. The car is heading straight towards me and I am freaking out. I finally get around the guy not thinking to slow down and get behind him I lose control of my car and start to flip. In the middle of flipping four times I think to myself “please God don’t let this be my time” and “where is my mom”. The car stops flipping and lands right-side up but my door would not open, so I crawl to the passenger door to get out and start to search for my phone. The only way I found my phone was because it had music playing since the radio in the car did not work. I call my mom right away and attempt to tell her what had happened but I could not speak. The woman from the car that was coming head on at me took my phone and explained what she…show more content…
It has made me think about many of the decisions I make now. I have learned that even though I am a teenager, I am not invincible. I thank God everyday that He lets me live another and that I live each day like it is my
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