My Car Ride-Personal Narrative

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As the trees race by in streaks of reds, yellows, and oranges Bailey shifts uncomfortably in the passenger seat. Normally she enjoys the fall car rides, especially when it is warm enough to roll down the windows and let the crisp Autumn air in the car. Though today she was riding with me, but my driving wasn’t what was bothering Bailey. It was the loud music that was racing through my car speakers. The rule that Bailey had put down earlier was that the driver got to choose the music, and she really wished in the moment of the loud guitar solo that had she driven instead. I could tell she almost didn’t think that saving her gas was worth it, so I turned down the music for her sake. She always thought that there was too much going on and that…show more content…
Bailey was dressed in her normal plaid shirt and jean shorts, with her hair in a braid. The judges were almost done assessing all of the entries and I could tell that Bailey was nervous as she played with the end of her braid. A habit I noticed that she did when she was stressed or anxious. I raise my hand over my eyes to try and shield out the sun as I look around. To me it was hot, smelly and crowded, but it felt like home to Bailey. She had always thought that the fair had always smelled sweet like funnel cakes and hay. Finally, after waiting for a while the results were in. Bailey had placed first in the fair for her cookies. Not only did she get first, but she also got second in show, coming in close to a plate of sugar cookies. Thinking back on it now, I laugh a little every time because Bailey had never really liked sugar cookies. And whenever there is the mention of sugar cookies I know that she is thinking about how she should have won that too. As we are sitting in her basement eating cookies and watching the Harry Potter series, I’m glad that we had gone through the ups and downs that we had. I know that if we hadn’t, Bailey and I wouldn’t be the best of friends as we are
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