My Career And Nursing: A Career As A Career

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When you are younger and someone asks you what you want to do when you are older you usually get all awkward and don 't know what to say. But it was different for me, I always had a feeling that I wanted to do nursing. I wasn 't sure what type or where or how I would get there but I just had a feeling that 's what I wanted to do when I was older. I have always been so interested in medicine and the "gross stuff" like my friends bleeding and me having to be the mom. When my mom had surgery I would change the gauze pads and just be so interested in everything that had to do with medicine. I 've always had a passion in helping people, being challenged, and making a difference in people 's lives which I intend to do forever. The next step was figuring out where I wanted to go and if I was 100% sure this was for me. So I went and toured hospitals with my health class and shadowed different professions to see which one was the best fit and rule others out. I was really intrigued by the nurses. Furthermore growing up, I had many great role models to look up to including my grandmother who was a nurse for 30 years and my aunt who is a nurse practitioner, and my mother who isn 't a nurse but has had health problems in the past. All these women shared their experiences with me and let me in on the nursing life and hospital life. My mother on the other hand since I can remember has had terrible luck with her health from cancer to black surgery to vertigo. I have always been there in

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