Why I Chose Nursing Scholarship

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When you are younger and someone asks you what you want to do when you are older you usually get all awkward and don 't know what to say. But it was different for me, I always had a feeling that I wanted to do nursing. I wasn 't sure what type or where or how I would get there but I just had a feeling that 's what I wanted to do when I was older. I have always been so interested in medicine and the "gross stuff" like my friends bleeding and me having to be the mom. When my mom had surgery I would change the gauze pads and just be so interested in everything that had to do with medicine. I 've always had a passion in helping people, being challenged, and making a difference in people 's lives which I intend to do forever. The next step was figuring…show more content…
There was many factors to include when it meant my whole future was on the line. One, they were known for their nursing program. I have lived in New Hampshire for all my life and when I say I am going to Colby Sawyer for nursing the answer is typically the same response, “Oh wow such an awesome program". Second reason being the small classes and being a close knit community, this place makes me feel as if I am home. When I came on my tour here everyone was so friendly and it made me feel like my family. My last reason is the opportunity we get to go to Dartmouth for our clinical. One of the best hospitals around and that’s where I get to be taught the majority of what I will use for the rest of my life. I know that my journey here will not be easy but if I work hard enough at Colby Sawyer I know I will do great things for this college and for the world. This place is the perfect stop on my journey in life. In my opinion, Nursing is an important field it teaches you things about others and lets you care for others while also being able to help yourself. I believe that Nursing is one of the most important degrees you can get these
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