My Career As A Career

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What is your career choice? Throughout life you are always asked, “What you want to do when you grow up?” Since a young age everyone is told to focus on a career path that they would like to engage in when they grow up. Teenagers and preteens often times set more realistic career goals and focus on a career path that have specific interests to them. When asked about my future career path, I have always had my mind set on being a firefighter or a police officer. The reasons I focused on being a firefighter or police officer was because I enjoy doing things that require being outdoors, as well as things that require hands-on activities. I also enjoy helping people as much as I possibly can and when looking into those two fields, I really saw my passion. However, as I continued through school and working on the farm in my spare time, I realised that my true passion was not being a police officer or firefighter. I realised that growing up and being raised on the farm is where I find my true happiness. I spend every weekend and all summer out in the open, on the farm. When growing up I would always go out to the farm and help both my dad and grandfather. While attending school and exploring other career choices, it helped me realized that I do not like being indoors. After looking at the other career paths it made me realize that I do not wish to be in an officer or a firefighter anymore, however I would like to be out in the open. With me being outside in the field it helped

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