My Career As A Nurse: A Cultural Analysis

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I believe there will be many challenging times during my career as a nurse with other cultures. I think it will be important for me to remain educated on the basics of each culture and their beliefs, if I am equipped with at least the fundamentals of their expectations then I can provide better care right off the bat. I also need to make sure I am always patient and respectful when communicating on sensitive cultural conversations with patients and family. I need to be creative in my communication and tailor my care to each patient to provide them with best client-focused care possible. Most importantly, I must never assume, and always ask questions with respect. Often, we think all people from one culture or religion will have the same beliefs, but it is not always the case, each person is an individual with their own personal views, values, beliefs and needs. However, it will still be of value to have some understanding of the more typical cultural difference with each cultural group. “Specific culture-related staff training sessions should be designated during the course of annual training plans whereby indigenous speakers residing close to the hospitals can be invited to explain local customs for death and dying ceremonies.” (Longboat, 2002) I hope such training as the one listed above will be available to me at my future work place. Learning something straight from the source is always the best way to learn something.…show more content…
It will always be a challenging and sensitive situation to be in. I am sure I will find myself in difficult, frustrating and discouraging situations regarding cultural differences with patients, however, this is part of nursing and all we can do is try our best, and reflect and learn from each

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