My Career As Engineering Essay

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When it comes to picking a major, students usually get nervous. I did too, and it is completely normal. I was nervous when I had to pick my major during my Harper registration. It reminded me of my parents.We came to America for my success. They work very hard for me so I will have a small college debt in the future. I do not want to let them down. Before picking my career as engineering, I took these important steps: deciding what I am really interested in, talking to my counselor, and getting involved in that field.
First of all, I need to let myself know what really interests me. Choosing an interest is very critical because if I pick a major that does not interest me, I will end up having a rough time working in that field. My uncle chose a major that pays very well and didn’t look at his interest at all. Now he does not enjoy working for that company at all and wishes that he had picked a different major that he really was passionate about. Every time we see
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Now this is the opportunity to go and do an internship with a company that my major is involved with. This way I can get a head start on how my career most likely will be like. If I do not like it, it will not be too late to change my major. By doing an internship, I will have a very high chance in the future for working for this company. Plus, I can also put this internship in my resume. That way I can get into that specific company in no time. If I do not do an internship, it would be harder for me to find a job because in my resume it says that I do not have any experience in this field. Another thing that I can do is pick my Gen Ed classes for my major. That way in future if I choose to transfer to a different college, I can easily get those Gen Ed classes to transfer to a college of my choice. I can set up my goals for my engineering major. I made a goal that I will go to an engineering club at Harper College, so I can have a better understanding on that
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