Summary: A Career As A Mental Health Counselor

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When we were younger, did we really know who we were as a person, or what career goal we had in mind as we began to mature? When we think about it, as a young adult have we really found our way? Some of us reach those goals the way society say it is designed. However, many of us take the scenic route or totally switch careers altogether. I have always known I wanted to be in the healthcare field, but I do not think I was one-hundred percent sure in what capacity I would fulfill those aspirations. Would I become a physician, a nurse, a therapist, or an administrative support personnel? At one time during my journey, I did reach my goal or at least part of it. I became a medical assistant in 1994, and now I am pursuing a Health Service Management…show more content…
However, one focuses on management and delivery of healthcare, and the other focuses on patient’s healthcare. Although they vary differently, they also have similar pathways. (“Top Masters in Healthcare Administration,” 2018) indicates, a Health Services Manager is responsible for the decision-making and strategic planning that takes place in a hospital, long-term care facility and other organizations that are related to medical or health care (2018). Mental Health Counselor should be one that specializes in caring for others by providing assistance, medical attention, and emotional support for patients, and coworkers, and as part of a Mental Health Counselors job they must document patient information written or electronically, yet also maintain patient confidentiality (“Mental Health Counselor,” 2018). The ultimate goal of these two careers is a form of management, such as managing a facility, and teaching one-self management. Royal (2016) states, although Health Service Managers do not implement direct patient care, they are intricately a part of providing quality patient care through the process of the healthcare delivery system (p. 203). Mental Health Counselors are responsible for a caring environment for their client’s. Rosenthal (2005) believes a good Mental Health Counselor should build an outstanding foundation for their clients as well as one’s practice, by networking to provide…show more content…
Although there were many outstanding career paths I could follow, I believe the current path I am following is best for me. During this phase of my life as a forty-six year old mother of five and an active duty military wife, it has been a challenge returning to school after 26 years. I will approach this one step at a time, for I truly have no desire to peruse a degree higher than a bachelor’s degree program. At current my short-term goal is to focus on my associate’s degree in hopes that I have educated myself enough to peruse a career in Health Service Management. After working on this project I am slightly second guessing stopping at an associate, for only time will tell if I have made the right choice in my educational
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