My Career Goals Essay: My Role Model

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Ever since I was a little girl when asked what I want to be when I grew up I rapidly responded a model, or an actress. Most kids probably said a scientist, doctor, lawyer, teacher or even an astronaut. I was set on being an entertainer and nothing else was even remotely appealing. My role model growing up was Raven-Symone and she heavily influenced my career goals. I wanted to be everything she was, mind you I was like 9. She could sing, dance, and act and that was very fascinating to me. I can vividly remember being in elementary school and completing assignments where we had to discuss our future careers and doing arts and craft that related to them. The old projects were used to show our growth throughout the school year and we presented…show more content…
When asked about my future plans I did tend to think more about the typical options. I thought perhaps about being a teacher because I like kids. However, that answer was not good enough. I can go to a playground or arcade if I really just liked kids. Okay, I then decided I wanted to be a nurse. But why? My answer was simply because I like helping people. That again just did not cut it; I can work at McDonald’s or be a maid if I genuinely liked helping people. My answers were always short and sweet because honestly, I never had a clear idea of what I wanted to do or why, but I did know that I wanted to be…show more content…
It is insane that some people believe that these two individuals should not be given the same respect. Just by observing you can blatantly see that in everyday life the one who makes more money is treated better. One of the smartest guys in the world once said, “I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university”. This simple yet powerful quote by Einstein speaks volumes. That disrespect should not ever be tolerated and I feel like that should be a thing of the past. I realized that everyone receives a different level of respect depending on how much money they make. I finally understood where my being rich responses stemmed from;

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