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I chose to declare my major in Zoology because of my interest in Animal Science. Growing up, I have always been interested in animals. I grew up with cats, dogs, fish, and my beloved hamster "Hammy." Over the past several years, that interest has turned to love and appreciation for all different animal species and nature in general. I was notified of an internship at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and vigorously pursued the opportunity. I learned a lot about what a Zookeeper's daily life consists of and while I made it to the final round of interviews, I wasn't selected for the internship. This experience strengthened my desire to pursue a major in the Animal Science realm. I tend to be as helpful as possible when someone is in need of care or assistance so the idea of caring for animals piqued my interest as well.…show more content…
I am excited about the opportunity to work in the cutting-edge environment that CSU has created for its students and feel lucky to have been accepted to CSU. I was born and raised in Colorado and love the outdoors. Attending CSU will enable me to receive a top-notch education in my own backyard and hopefully provide me gainful employment in the state once I graduate. The Zoology field can open many areas of interest for me and will give me the ability to pursue different career paths upon graduation. One of my main interests is Conservation. I would like to study the habitats of threatened species and focus on ways to encourage increased awareness to this issue. My interest in Botany coupled with Zoology will further support my conservation passion. I hope my major will lead me on a career path that will allow me to help the animals I grew up loving and the ability to work in an outdoor

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