I Want To Pursue My Career

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During my years in high school I strive to be a very talented artist; only reason was because I was very good at art and wasn't good at anything else. I considered taking it up as a career even though back then in my middle school years I looked at as a hobby when I was bored or lonely, I didn't think my artistic ability was anything special because the people who dwelled in it, didn't make a lot of money, so I was made fun of by my brothers as the only sibling without any talent. So with graduation coming around I have to choose a career to pursue and stick with, so I can choose a college to go to, I chose to attend a college that specializes in the fine arts and I want it to be out of state because I wanted start my life without my family…show more content…
One step closer to a wonderful life; all I need to do was get back home and receive my financial award letter from the school. I started talking to admissions about my requirements and they told me my enrollment fee is $500, obviously a lot of money for a girl in lower-class family, I never want to put my mother under all that stress. Unfortunately when I've received my financial aid award my heart sunk, the financial aid they gave me didn't help one bit even the government loans and pell grant couldn't knock it down to a payable price, I needed money badly and it's already July. And then I said to myself that I am going to get the money by selling my artwork on Miami Beach where all the rich people be at, I will show them artwork they'll never seen before! So I got to work with my paints and canvases, starting big I focused on think out of the ordinary, everything was going swimmingly but then I start to become frustrated because things are not how I wanted and my mother who found out I'm not attending CIA was pestering me to get a job and sign up for community college. I'm trying my best to assure her I'll get the money I just need peace to finish my artwork, she told me my artwork isn't going to sell, my little brother who also found out about my plans tells me that I am “Stupid” and a “college dropout”. All these negative feelings and surroundings started to consume me; I left my artwork unfinished and abandoned, I couldn't make the tuition due date, I didn't get a chance to even enroll in the school even when I took out a two loans, and I am now left unemployed, $10,688 in student loans debt, relatives that reminds me that I'm such a failure, and a broken spirit all in one year. What I learned from this experience is that I have to focus on my own success if I truly want what's best for me, I let the opinions of other people affect my way of life which
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