Essay On Firefighting

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I was never interested in academics nor did I ever consider myself ever wanting to teach. In fact, I almost did not graduate high school. However, because I wanted to make my mother proud, and achieve my dream of becoming a firefighter I pushed myself to graduate high school. Saving someone’s life from a burning building, rescuing a teen from a car crash, or bringing a cat home to their owner after getting stuck on a tree. It all seemed great, but was I ready or would I ever be ready to see people in their worst days? It took me a whole year in college to realize that firefighting was something I did not want to pursue. Desperately looking for a new major, I started to consider teaching, but purely for selfish reasons. However, somewhere during my second year of college, there was a significant spark that led me to want to pursue teaching for a different reason. In high school, sports were everything, maintaining a good GPA was crucial. Football, soccer, and track were what were what took up most of my time until I had a big injury. Which made me forget about playing sports for a whole year. During this time, I looked for ways to stay busy. I came upon this special opportunity to work with wild rescued animals, At least that’s what the lady I…show more content…
He listed the benefits of being a teacher, which were that teaching made him feel young, it enabled him to share his passion, influence children, and have a lot of time off. He explained, how he was able to travel to so many different countries. I thought it was extraordinary how a teacher got so much time off, thus, it would be amazing to be a teacher for that reason. The ability to have a lot of time off to travel or even better spend time with family. However, I still had my mindset that I wanted to be a firefighter, but little did I know that would change after my first year of
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