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Change is the only constant thing in life and I love challenges. As I started my career in the hospitality industry, I always wanted to be in the corporate sales team, wanting to meet, interact with people. I started my career with Intercontinental Eros, as a steward in the outlet Lounge and bar, where I won laurels for my hotel by winning the Bacardi Martini championship in Delhi, where most of the bartenders from other 5 star hotels also participated. It was a challenging role given to me very early in my career, and I not only accepted it but also won the championship. It was wonderful and encouraging.
I completed my bachelors of hotel management from National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology in the year 2007, all the three years were very informative which also included six months of industrial training with a 5 star hotel. I did my industrial training from Radisson, Varanasi which was a part of the Carlson Group.
After completing tenure of 15 months with Intercontinental Eros, I had to go back to my native place for
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A master program in global management thus becomes essential towards achieving critical goals at this juncture of my career. While my Bachelor’s degree did equip me well for the objectives for this present stage, a master program from Royal Roads University in global management with subjects such as Argument and Communication for International Business, Intercultural Studies for International Business, Political Geography and International Economics in the first quarter of the programme will enable me to understand the level of business complexity in every international organization. Also, the subjects like International Business Strategy, International Accounting Tools for Financial Health and Comparative Management will enhance my skill set for the upcoming challenges for the international market in multi-national

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