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Student 's life has brought challenges and rewards that I feel enhanced and added number of encouraging input to my character . I am a cheerful, enthusiastic and caring member of University of Jouf, with a burning drive to strive forward on a continuous journey of self - improvement .

I have always had a great curiosity in Science and Mathematics because of there importance in our daily lives. I have become attracted by pharmacy as a career because it brings jointly Chemistry and Math’s and directly effects on the lives of people in the society. I have learnt helpful skills in the subjects I have taken which will be advantageous to a career in pharmacy. I generally enjoy studying science and my academic interest ensures I stay well ahead of the program . More inspiration to choose pharmacy came from participating and attending lectures given by top practitioners at Al Jouf University. On the year 2010 I obtained my Diploma Degree in Pharmacy Technician from College of Health Sciences at AlJouf University. I
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I was fascinated by my job and I began to see pharmacy as a serious career choice for myself. During my 03 years working on the hospital Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee Member and assuring for the safe , effective , and cost – effective use of medications through the application of specialized knowledge, skills , and professional judgment. I have the chance to work collaboratively with other health care professionals to develop the most suitable drug treatment for patients. By means of my hard work and dedication on this job , on 2012 up to present I was assigned into various duties and responsibilities , . My duties include supervising the narcotic drug custody in charge and quality management in the hospital pharmacy

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