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Personal/ Professional Goals: For two years, I have been interested in furthering my career in social worker. I chose Walden University because I have a full time job. I am also a full time mother. My plans after I get my degree are to pursue my career in families and children service as a supervisor. I currently enjoy what I do for a living; however, I want to advance my career. By coupling the skills I have acquired from my professional career with my knowledge of social work, I believe that I have what it takes to make an impact in the community. I also provide children with independent living, setting up post adoption service or simply helping a child find a long term home in foster care. I know that I am setting myself up with a career choice that will bring me years of fulfillment and happiness. Academic Experience My academic experience in my previous…show more content…
This organization provides foster children with Christmas presents. I had the pleasure of participating as a counselor tasked with teaching young teens how to live on their own and how to pay their bills. Seeing the excitement in the children living on own and functioning in their everyday lives. Through my volunteer experiences I have become more patient, empathetic, and understanding to diverse groups of people and their unique situations. Personal Qualities I am so excited about the prospects of earning a Master's in Social Work. Two particular reasons are very important to me. I made it a goal to attain a Master's before I turned 30. Secondly, pursuing a degree in social work will afford me the opportunity to meet people I never would have met otherwise. Communicating, interacting with others and collaborating are the qualities that has made me successful in my social work career. My hard work, determination and dedication are the qualities that will help me be successful in this program. Why
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