My Career Is A Dentist

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My essay My career: dentist. What is a dentist? a dentist, the also called dentist is the specialist who is professionally dedicated to the care and treatment of diseases of the teeth such as cavities, to name one of the most regular and extended, his course lasts about five years, and includes an intense practical activity. A dentist 's has many specialities, that’s why it’s the reason of several years of study. Among the most recognized specialities are the following: oral and maxillofacial surgery, endodontics, oral and maxillofacial pathology, periodontics, oral and maxillofacial radiology. Orthodontics is one of the specialities within dentistry most demanded by patients being its primary objective the alignment, of the teeth to correct the poor disposition of them. The dentists who are dedicated to this branch are concerned with preventing, diagnosing and treating all the conditions that result from poor positioning of the teeth. One of the main consequences that generates the deficient dental position is the bad bite that derives so many other oral problems. Another issue that causes misalignment is the loss of a piece without the corresponding containment treatment. The main technique applie to treat this pathology is the application of fixed or mobile devices, among the first the popular braces today. Orthodontics has several specialities where several studies are unraveled. Educational objectives of the race. The fundamental purpose of the
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