My Challenges In Life

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There are some things in life that cheer you up and some things that don’t, but we all have to face the challenges that come. From the events that have happened to me so far, I’ve learned that life can be challenging sometimes, but that is if you know how to overcome them. When I was ten years old, I was living in my hometown Monterey Park, where I lived with my mom, dad, brother, and step-brother. Recently starting fifth grade with my two best friends Stephanie and Victoria. All my life I’ve been known as the shy girl or the quietest person in class. Which I still am today, but I didn’t know how I felt was going to change when I was going to middle school. In 2016, early January my mom and
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Those months of school, I felt like I was being used for homework answers or just worthless. Surprisingly I lived through that until summer came. Those three months were happy and great for two weeks that my cousin stayed with us. Since I really didn’t have many friends to hang out with, I asked my dad if my cousin Merlyn could stay with us. Those had two be the best weeks of my life. See, all the other days she wasn’t there I felt depressed and just sad. I would cry about my parents divorce, having no friends, and having no one to talk to. But when Merlyn had stayed over, she had helped me with my sadness. We would mostly spend time on YouTube watching funny videos that made Merlyn and me laugh. Merlyn and I stayed up late and just be us. Yes, there were sometimes I was sad, but Merlyn helped me with that. I was so sad when she left, but we had to leave her. Even though she started school around September and me starting in August. When I started seventh grade thought that “Today is a start of a new year, make new friends, do your best”, but that didn’t exactly happen. I did try my best at school but I thought being shy is just being
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