Lucius Caesetius Flavus Character Analysis

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My character is Lucius Caesetius Flavus, a politician in the Roman Republic. Flavus came from the plebeian family of Caesetier. His father was a knight and had two other sons. Flavus was a Tribune of the Plebs for 44 B.C. The Tribune of the Plebs held an important role in the Roman government. In the modern day, there is no equivalent position in the government. Every year, 10 Tribunes were elected. The creation of the office was for the protection of the plebeians from the patricians. Tribunes also had veto power in the senate, which made it the highest ranking position for a plebeian. (ius intercessionis).
Flavis is best known for his involvement in the diadem incident with Caesar, where, before Julius Caesar’s assassination Flavis and one other man stole the Caesar’s diadem. As Caesar’s power grew over time someone put a diadem on one of his statues, marking him as a king. Flavis and Gaius Epidius Marullus removed it. Later that month, the annual festival of the Latin-speaking peoples was being celebrated, and the Senate had granted Caesar
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He was a republican, and working with other republicans, was trying to remove Caesar from the position of sole dictator (king). Flavus had a negative view on Caesar. This could clearly be seen in the incident where Flavus along with another tribune stole the diadem off of one of Caesar 's statues. The relationship between Caesar and Flavus was substandard. After stripping Flavus of his title of Tribune of the Plebs, he asked his father to disown him, because he had two other more successful sons, but he refused. Flavus, already disliking Caesar, only disfavored him more because of Caesar’s attempts to ruin his political career and have his father disown him, which was an insult to him. My character believes that the assassination of Julius Caesar, while horrid, resulted in a better chance of the Republic rebuilding itself out of the ashes and back to its former
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