My Childhood Memories Analysis

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Composition on My Childhood Memories
Introduction: memories of childhood mean some incidents of the past to be remembered. Childhood is the sweetest period of human life. Wordsworth says, ‘heaven lies about us in our infancy’. Man is fond of Turing beck and calling up the memories of his by-gone days.

My childhood: my childhood days were very colorful. They were full of a lot of memorable things and events. They still flash before my minds eyes and fill my heart with a world of joy and pleasure. Richter says, ‘remembrance is the only paradise out of which we cannot be driven away.’ I was the youngest son of my parents. They loved me loved me very dearly and took every care to make me happy. A single drop of tears was enough to move them. They were my best guides, teachers and friends in my childhood. Hundreds of events crowd my memories and hunt me. Let me muse over some so the striking memories of my childhood below:

Memory of home: the memory of my childhood days more than often takes me back to our sweet home and reminds me of the wise saying, ‘home, home, sweet home; there is no place like home.’ My feelings can be best expressed in the words of the poet,
“I remember, I remember
The house where I was born;
The little window where the sun came,
Peeping in at morn.”
Memory of mother: my mother was be-all and end-all in thought thick and thin and in weal and woe of my life. Her picture is still hanging on the wall before my reading table. It reminds me of her sweet
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