My Childhood Memory

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Childhood Memory When I go to my parents ' room, I sometimes come out of the cabinet with photos to jump into the past. It always does something to me when I flip through them. There are moments of my childhood that I remember and others that I forgot. I regret not having more photos when I was baby and small. At the time, it was not machine gunned as digital cameras did not exist and the development of photos remained quite expensive. But I 'm happy to still have some memories of the past frozen on paper. Having been in meditation for several minutes, I found myself in the city of my childhood. A drawer of my memory opened and I lived again a very beautiful moment of my life around the age of 9 years. I found myself in the city of my childhood on a hot summer day as there were many in that time. Since very early in the morning, the heat was overwhelming, which did not prevent children from running and playing in the yard and in the streets. We were on vacation carefree the next day and sweat ran down our faces and our faces soiled by the dust that swirled around us. Suddenly the sky covered and the storm, with huge lightning, tore the sky from side to side announcing a warm and rain. I was on the sidewalk and I was waiting for this refreshment very welcome. Suddenly the rain began to fall, bouncing off the asphalt, and a hot and wriggling rain like frying in the pan. Almost immediately, the sidewalks and the street were flooded and I went to take shelter on the veranda. A
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