My Children Vs Crucible

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Crucible/Ask My Children
The Movie Just Ask My Children is a movie produced by life that depicts a documental experience of a couple named Brenda and Scott Kniffen that were accused, in the mid 1980’s along with other countless families, of molesting their children. In fact they these parents never did this but were found guilty due to mass hysteria from the community/ district attorney’s office, and false testimony from pressured aka victims, and other wide spread media.
This event is extremely similar to a play written by Arthur Miller called The Crucible which was based on the Salem Witch Trials of the 1690’s. The Crucible shows people of a small settlement being accused of witchcraft from the false accusations of some of the town’s girls.
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In the Crucible abigail williams, and the other girls gave crazy testimony of people they accused of witchcraft. If the people didn’t admit the girls would fake attacks from them saying their specters hurt them. In Just Ask my children false testimony was produced from the McCuan girls of being assaulted from their parents and also Brandon and Brian Kniffen. In both false testimony the children were pressured by outside adults whether even if they would admit that nothing bad had happen. They were basically forced into saying these…show more content…
Obviously a topic considering people who harm their kids in sexual abuse is a extremely sensitive matter. So the video did give tribute for the victims of the false enjailment. It also showed a well respected side of how people would normally react to this event. People were more willing to believe that these parents did this horrible act rather than coming to the realization that they did not do it as they said. These people would rather believe that the mom and dad would hurt their children without a single shred of physical evidence. All they was testimony that had been altered by the Prosecution. So my reaction is quite concerning, this could possibly happen to anyone again. I’m sure it will and has. So my reaction is less focussed towards the accused and more towards the hysteria that surround the accused. I actually focussed on the movie because it's something that grabs your attention for the wrong reasons. It’s not everyday that this stuff happens towards the large scale that it did so it’s mixed emotions from when they went to jail and were found guilty to losing hope when the appeal was denied towards the relief of when they finally got out. I hoping they got out but, it would have been a better movie if they didn't get out. It would show the reality that some people didn't get out. It would of made people angry for a sad ending. So I think the positive ending was
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