My Clinical Experience

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Description: This situation occurred during the second placement of the diploma of nursing, which was in the rehabilitation centre in the psycho and podiatric ward. For me the most important and good experience that I had on this placement was the day when I got appreciation from the nurse in charge and the manager of that ward. I was working with my buddy nurse and suddenly in the morning when the ward is busy there was a MER call in the next ward so the nurses were supposed to go there to help them in that ward with the emergency. In that mean time there was the only the nurse in charge of our ward, we( 2 students), one nurse in the other part of the ward where the mentally retarded patient were living which can harm others sometimes or who eagerly wants to go out of the hospital. That ward is usually locked and they sometimes open the ward for the patients to move around under supervision. Nurse in charge needs to give the medications to all the patients so we did all other works like taking the vital signs, answering the buzzers, supervising the patients, assisting them with the shower, making beds and if we were not supposed to do that alone or was out of scope of practice then we just ask the nurse in charge to come with us and assist us like transferring the patient from…show more content…
The feeling of not doing something wrong with the patient and not keeping their life at risk was very satisfactory for me. The only disappointment I had was not having enough authorities in my hands to help her in all the manners. Limitation of authority was the biggest drawback for me in this situation. Lack of sufficient knowledge was another issue I had to cope with this kind of situation. I felt bad that, if I had enough knowledge of the nurse then result of the task I had performed would have been way too
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