My Clinical Experience

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The thing I did best today, was, communicating with my patient, and doing his physical assessment. My clinical rotation this quarter for Galen College of Nursing ,is at the VA medical center, in Louisville Ky. The VA medical center is a govt hospital for the veterans. My clinical group and I, are working on the medical surgical/telemetry floor. I had to sit out of classes last quarter, so I was a little nervous about getting back into things. But, to my surprise, I was able to, get right back into it. As I was getting my assignment for the day, I was thinking “Am I going to remember what to say, or how to perform certain skills?” But, to my surprise, I was able to jump right back in. My patient was an 84 year old male, admitted with a blocked common bile duct. I was, able to talk with him, and do his assessment with no problem. I was glad, however, that my instructor allowed us to pair up that day with our patients that way we could learn from each other. I enjoyed talking with my patient, and hearing about his military service, and his family.…show more content…
This has taught me that I am sometimes too hard on myself. This experience has taught me, that I don’t give myself credit. I have learned a lot in nursing school, and in my medical career as a whole. In the future I will continue to prepare for clinical or work and jump right in and do what’s asked of me . If, I am unsure of something, I will just ask for
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