My College Admissions Essay: A Career As A College Student

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About 18 years ago, I became a part of my parents life. As usual, they taught me basic discipline, defense, leadership and more. My family is from Hispanic heritage, where completing a college education is not expected for the future. As a result, my parents enforced the importance of education, and encouraged me to graduate high school and further my education by attending the college of my choice. In addition, I have recently graduated high school with Honors, and it was an incredible feeling being able to make my parents proud knowing that I am the first Honor graduate even in my extended family.
Today, I am now on my path to start working hard for my future career, in which I will be passionate about to be able to do my best always.

Meanwhile, during my early years I discovered I loved music and it came to me naturally. Ever since I could remember, I was the singer in the family. Later on, I decided I wanted to expand my knowledge and learn how to play different instruments, starting the 6th grade I began to learn the Violin, then throughout the years up until my Senior
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This scholarship will be able aid my family with my college finances tremendously. I am extremely driven to graduate from college with a Bachelors degree in Science of Nursing. I am a very determined student that does not give up easily and pushes themselves to the maximum ability just to ensure I get the grades I believe I deserve. I will not take this opportunity for granted, and I will make sure I take advantage of this scholarship by confirming that I will work hard in all of my classes to be able to master all the needs to become a Nurse. I will have tough challenges during this career path that I shall work hard to succeed in. I will push myself to my limits, especially going into a competitive Nursing School, and I assure you I
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