My College Goals

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The question so often pondered by the youth of this nation is our goal in life, what we plan on accomplishing and how we will do it. The goal of my education is to better the life of myself and those of others through the accomplishments I make as a young scholar. I plan on attending a four year college and playing a sport, after my first education I will be hoping to attend a doctorate program specializing in pharmacy. Through my education I hope to work at a pharmaceutical lab creating new medicines in the hope of saving people 's lives. With the help of scholarships my goal will be to attend a four year college. At this college I will major in organic chemistry while minoring in business. During my first four years of college I also hope to be playing baseball. Between classes, a sport, and studying my life will be quite busy. These activities leave little time for work making these scholarships all the more important. I will work my hardest to complete the first part of my college life early or on time. AFter these first four years my life will give me many options. Those as of now will be studying a little more to become a teacher or attending college for four more years in hopes of retaining a doctorate for pharmacy. In the next stage of my life I hope to be a teacher or pharmacist. Both of these professions will…show more content…
After finishing my education completely with career path set I would hope to live in a small town setting. Growing up in a small town my life has taken a unique formed when placed in comparison to what it would have been growing up in a large city. I have grown to love the small town Minnesota life. My profession may interfere with this if I were to work in a pharmaceutical lab. However in college I plan on minoring in business which would help me possibly open my own pharmacy in a small town. I like all Minnesotans love the lakes and hope to grow a family in a small town on a lake in Minnesota where I can change the lives of everyone I
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