My College Writing Life

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Jiacheng Xu
English 3003-01
March 12, 2018
Final Exam Essay During my college writing life, I have taken many writing classes. From these classes, I have learned a lot and gaining a lot as well. Therefore, I believe that benefited from studying writing from college level. First, studying writing from college could expand our knowledge. As an International student, language and writing barrier is unavoidable, especially first month came to America. I started from ALP in CSUEB, at that time, gaining ideas to support you opinions always block me writing the essay. I always have no idea when I get a topic to write Therefore, based on that, professors assigned many reading materials for our international student to improve our writing and
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The purpose of learning to write at university is not only to apply to the class, but also to apply it to future life. For example, after graduate, you have to write your resume to find a job. Before you see your boss, the only impression for you is your resume. Therefore, why not give your boss a better resume? A well-organized and smoothly language resume could give your boss a good impression. I think learning writing from college could my essay become more critical and smoothly. Ultimately, studying writing can expand our knowledge, could continuous self-improvement and make my writing skill become better and useful in my future life. During my college life, my writing skill has improved a lot and not be afraid to write. I would likely to share my opinions in my essay, and that is worthy to my university life, my thinking become more critical, my thinking become more widely and deeply. I appreciated college offered writing classes for our international student, even my college writing career is end, I still need it to writing in my future life. I expect that writing skills which I learned in college life can help my
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