My Conservative Immigration Research Paper

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My family immigrated here the year before I was born. Starting with nothing in a new world, my parents taught me to be conservative from an early age. My first mantra was “Be creative and make do with what you have”. I helped my mother plant gardens using the compost from our trash. I picked up bottles on the street to recycle for money. I learned to write and draw on old envelopes and newspapers. Over time, my family became more affluent. Compost was mixed with fertilizer. Plastic bottles are no longer a vital source of income. Gift wrappings are rarely drawn upon any longer. However, the lessons I learned remain with me. I still pick up water bottles in the street to recycle. The only difference is I don’t do it out of necessity anymore; I do it for my philosophy, to help bring about a self-sustaining world, one where all people can live in harmony.…show more content…
Step by step, I learn new skills to open even more doors and to experience more of life’s offerings. No matter where I am or whatever situation I am in, I will make the best of it with all available resources. With my mantra, I continue to walk towards the future reaching for success, the way my parents did before
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