My Core Values

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My parents started to enforce a framework of core values when I was at age four. The first core value that they instilled is sustaining a healthy relationship with God. They would patiently read relevant verses from the Bible to create self-awareness within me about my creator, and they thought me the power of communicating with through prayers. While my parents did teach the standardized prayers, they emphasized that a spontaneous prayer from the heart is more valuable and indicative of establishing a commitment to God. My parents then would encourage me to maintain resiliency and pliancy when facing adversities as they faced a plethora of obstacles throughout their existence. They would reinforce the resiliency agenda through motivating speeches such as “There will always be a solution to a problem, and there is a definite end for each tribulation. Another core value that they instilled within me is molding a strong sense of diligence. My parents adore hard work, industriousness and high-grade point average. They placed high expectations for my sister and me to try and reach. They would regularly make us study 4-5 hours a day in addition to doing household chores. On the plus side, when I get high grades, I usually get a surprise reward from my parents. They also taught the importance of bolstering our familial bonds. My parents have always showered me with unwavering love and support in any given situation.
I consider all these core values to be crucial in steering me to
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