My Counseling Residency

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On a warm summer morning, I was sitting on my couch praying to God and the phone rang. It was my enrollment counselor calling to inform me that I was accepted into the Masters of Arts Counseling (MAC) program at Colorado Christian University (CCU). She also gave me the date for my first counseling residency. I was so excited. I remember doing a silly happy dance in the middle of my living room. As I calmed down, reality began to set in, and I started to feel fear of the unknown. What was I getting myself into? What should I expect at the counseling residency? As I sat there experiencing so many feelings, I knew my first counseling residency would be the beginning of a life changing experience. Through the lectures and reading material, I…show more content…
I felt that it would be an orientation that introduced me to the program, to my cohort, and to my professors. Since I am attending a Christian college, I expected to see Christian values integrated into my learning. I figured we would pray and worship together, especially on Sunday. I knew I would be impacted both intellectually and spiritually. I intentionally made it a goal to not set too many expectations. I wanted to go into it as open and vulnerable as possible. I have learned in life it is in those vulnerable moments when we learn and grow the most. Sometimes pride and expectations can prevent growth because we are so disappointed when are expectations are not met. So to make the most of my five days of residency, I went into it humbly, knowing nothing, and only expecting to learn from one of the best colleges in…show more content…
I have always viewed counseling as giving advice. I realized counseling is so much more, it is listening and helping the client discover their own truth. A person wants to be heard and understood. Change in a client is produced through genuine empathy and support. A client needs affirmation and to feel empowered. I can help the client best by being self-aware, removing any biases, and being present in the moment. I learned that one way to be present in the moment is by practicing active listening. Active listening is fully concentrating on what the client is saying and getting a full understanding of his/her story. It is engaging completely, paying attention to change of thoughts, emotions, and body language. Then I learned the importance as a counselor to mirror back the same tone and body language because it can greatly impact the counseling relationship. I should also restate what I heard to let the client know I was listening and understand. I learned that these things help show empathy to the
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