My Courtship In Architecture

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Dear Sir/Madam

As an ambitious aspirant, I have always wanted to epitomize and reflect the evolution of architectural excellence in India onto a global platform. My courtship with architecture began at a very early age when none in my family has any idea about it. I still recall the time when our house was under construction, though at that time I was very young barely three years but seeing my father supervising numerous workers under the searing sun and guiding them about the different construction activities was very exciting for me. I was so intrigued by all the hustle and bustle around me that I often myself start to build small houses of lying sand and brick and all the workers used to smile at my activities as a child. Visiting the construction site where our house was building was very thrilling for me. The aroma of the bricks and the blue print of house map used by my father in the early 90 's fascinated me as a child and I knew I wanted to be here. From that point my interest towards designing grew and I started exploring and learning more about this amazing world of architecture. I remember, one day I was watching a television show ‘Megastructures’, on National Geographic Channel( NGC), showing the construction and designing of landmark building of Dubai Burj Al Arab. There I learned how Tom Wright derived the shape of Burj Al Arab from a yatch. That was the turning point of my career interests. I was so amazed by the simple derivational technique of Tom
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