My Cousin Vinny Analysis

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Movie Review My Cousin Vinny

My Cousin Vinny is a 1992 American comedy film directed by Jonathan Lynn. The film deals with two teenager’s people from New York travelling to Alabama who are placed on trial for a case associated to murder that they don’t really committed. They hired their cousin Vincent Gambini a Lawyer to defend them.
Now here the movie stats two friends were driving namely Billy Gambini and Stan Rothenstein in between they stopped at a convenience store to buy a can of Tuna at the time of leaving the store they head a sound of gun, a clerk was short and Bill and Stan was arrested in reference with the murder, bill called his cousin Vincent Gambini, an attorney in the family who has no trial experience.
Vinny always fool the Judge, as his 1st trial he has no knowledge regarding the court procedures and dress code. Vinny does not cross-examine any of the witnesses, after Vinny poor performance Stan fired him and hire a public defender, Vinny ask for one more chance to prove himself.
The trial begins now and Vinny represents his cousin and Gibbons represents Stan, Vinny shows that he can make up for
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During Vinny's questioning, Lisa comes to the same conclusion and testifies that the only vehicle that could possibly make the escape and be mistaken for Billy's 1964 Skylark may be a 1963 Pontiac Tempest with the same colour and tires. After re-calling George Wilbur as a witness to confirm this, Vinny re-calls the local sheriff, who has finished the records search. The sheriff testifies that two men resembling Billy and Stan were just arrested in another county for driving a stolen Pontiac Tempest, and were in possession of a gun of the same caliber used to kill the clerk. The defeated Trotter moves to dismiss all the charges, and the film ends
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