My Crowd Experiment: The Mob Project Analysis

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In Bill Wasik’s article, “My Crowd Experiment: The Mob Project,” he recounts how he united a substantial amount of people together for an unidentified cause. He analyzes how the power of social media and different cultural conditions can affect society at large. Wasik fabricated the flash mob idea initially from pure boredom. He was able to grasp people’s attention to participate in an unusual action located in a public place. His social experiment is a phenomenon that is made possible from modern communications in technology. With social media we are able to interpret things in various ways, spread ideologies, and scrutinize behaviors. The different ways in which we perceive information is determined by how society has published it to the public. Wasik, did it in a non-chalant, unexpected procedure through email. Cultural symbols or social ideas can also be virally-transmitted, through an image called a meme. Memes are intended to appeal to the general public for humorous reasons, to persuade audiences through propaganda, and for the sole pleasure of the artist. A meme is constructed to…show more content…
Technology has enabled new ways of measuring ourselves. “In a meme’s-eye view of the world, any idea – from religious belief or a political affiliation to a new style of jeans or a catchy tune – can be seen as a sort of independent agent loosed into the population, where it travels from mind to mind, burrowing into each, colonizing all as widely and ruthlessly as it can” (Wasik, 479). The evolution of Wasik’s very original kind of performance was all made due to our ability to discover the importance of individuality. With technology people alienate themselves from one another. Wasik’s experiment created a sense of community, transformed methods of communication, and allowed those participating a moment of freedom and to experience forms of
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