My Cultural Identity Essay

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The background of my cultural identity I am an African American female but that isn’t all there is to know me for. I am an African American girl who is very interactive with my religion and also my culture. Cultural identity can be hard to explain because some people don’t know what’s really in their culture and they fail to see , and understand it. I know what my cultural identity is because of my ethiopian flag, the baked macaroni, and the movie the lion king. My cultural identity is what makes me and there are three main identities that make me, me. My Ethiopian flag represents my culture and me. It’s a old flag with red, yellow,and green on it. Also it has a blue circle with a yellow star in the middle of it. The red,green, and yellow all have a different meaning to them. Red is for power, Yellow means to have faith and love and green is hope and the star means diversity in the country. This is an authentic Ethiopian flag from my great grandparents. It’s a nice sized flag that we keep put away in my grandma’s hutch. This is connected to me because my great grandparents were from Ethiopia and yes they came to America from there. Ethiopia has a lot of ancient history even in the Bible and is very popular and known for many things. This is also connected because it reminds me where my family is from. My culture is based around this flag because it makes me who I am. It’s important to me because it came from my great grandparents who passed it down so we know where our

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