Describe My Cultural Identity

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What is my cultural identity? My way of live describes my cultural identity because of the music I listen to. The sports that I play and watch with my family. Also the ways stuff is celebrated and the way that interpret stuff as a christian. My cultural identity is represented by playing the trombone, playing football, and by preparing the christmas tree. A trombone represents my culture and me. In 2014 when I was in sixth grade I decided to play the trombone. A trombone is a multi colored instrument. That has a low and high tone that can be altered when ever by the amount of air being used. When it is being played you change the tone by blowing more or less air, but that is only one of the ways that it can be changed you can also tighten…show more content…
A Christmas tree can be all types of shapes and sizes and they can come in different colors. We get a huge green pine tree and put lots of ornaments and lights on it. The lights mean how Jesus and religion can help you and be your light in the darkness. Ornaments mean the different types of people and religions all over the world. You can also decorate it differently depending on the way you interpret it or certain things that you use for your religion. We believe in god so we celebrate Christmas as the day that Jesus was born. Every Sunday we go to church. Before every meal we pray and also when we are asking god for forgiveness or to help with with something that is going on in are life. Every year my family and I go out to William’s Tree Farm and cut a tree down are self and then we decorate it. We get the biggest tree we can find and so that it can take up a large amount of are living room. A Christmas tree is an important part of my culture identity. To conclude my cultural identity is represented by playing the trombone, football, and by preparing the christmas tree. Playing football and the trombone are both representations of my American and Mexican culture. Parts of the christmas tree symbolises the celebration of christ. Overall my cultural identity is that I am a American citizen with a Mexican
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