My Cultural Identity

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What is my cultural identity? My way of live describes my cultural identity because of the music I listen to. The sports that I play and watch with my family. Also the ways stuff is celebrated and the way that interpret stuff as a christian. My cultural identity is represented by playing the trombone, playing football, and by preparing the christmas tree.
A trombone represents my culture and me. In 2014 when I was in sixth grade I decided to play the trombone. A trombone is a multi colored instrument. That has a low and high tone that can be altered when ever by the amount of air being used. When it is being played you change the tone by blowing more or less air, but that is only one of the ways that it can be changed you can also tighten your lips or loosen them for a higher or lower tone. There are many different styles and ways that they are played and they can have a lot of different meaning. Like some people listen to jazz slow relaxing music and some listen to pep music up beat loud and fast tempo. Secondly I am Mexican, Indian, American and in all of my heritages music is very popular. The most common use of it is for entertainment. I choose the trombone because I like different types of music and it can play a wide variety of them. The way I was thought to use it can help me express my different cultures. I can celebrate my cultures with it by playing music that people before me has played. I can play the trombone when ever so i can always remember where my

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