My Cultural Identity

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Our ancestors and the generations that came before us have left behind their cultural values and traditions that are being passed on to their future generations. Many people tightly hold onto their cultural identities and values, by using them as a guide to get through life, while some do not. However, the cultural identity is something that one can not get rid of, even if he/she wants to. It is what connects us to our homelands and to our ancestors, and their cultural beliefs and values, that have been passed on to their generations, who have either held on to them or let them go. It is very important that we know who these people were, because they contribute a lot to who we are today, and our cultural identities. These people worked very hard day and night to be recognized by their future generations, and had always hoped to have a bright future. When I was researching my ancestors, I came to know that none of my ancestors migrated. They were all pure Pakistanis, born and raised in Pakistan. My parents are from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. My maternal grandfather died before I was born and both of my paternal grandparents died when I was really young. Only my maternal grandmother is alive, and she lives in Pakistan. Due to this, I am not really close to my grandparents. My dad came to America to study and get his bachelors and masters degree. Mid way through his studies, he got married to my mother. My mother loved studying and was planning on becoming a doctor. When

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