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My outward appearance definitely reflects my cultural identity. I am African American and black, as such the following things reflect that; some of the makeup I wear is made specifically for my coloring and my hair is in its natural state; full of tight, dark brown curls. My clothing is that of a typical American in her twenties, who works in retail most of the week and goes to casual events during her days off.
My behaviors and practices definitely reflect that I’m American. My first instinct when I wake up is to reach for my phone, I don’t really eat breakfast properly, and I survive on caffeine, and there are definitely a few celebrities that I consider idols or role models. I also am very much used to having the freedom to express my opinion
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I am a Christian and for all intensive purposes was born and raised that way; my family was all raised that way and I’ve had a home church since I was five years old. I am also a Democrat and a liberal, a viewpoint I learned from my family as well. Additionally, I also value the idea that freedom is a right not a privilege, and that when it comes to human rights everyone should be treated equally. I have a strong sense of community; which I think comes along with being a person in general, but also from being black, as well as from being American. We feel kinship and take pride with and in our people. Unfortunately, it’s not always a universe blanket pride; discrimination definitely still runs rampant, but it’s a strong pride nevertheless.
My daily and domestic practices only somewhat reflect my cultural identity. I’ve made two conscious decisions involving food; the first was to enjoy pork even though my mother didn’t allow it in the house, and to minimize the amount of sugar I put in my body. So in terms of food choices, in a way I don’t really reflect my cultural identity. I mean, I eat a lot of meat but I’m not sure if that’s necessarily specific to Americans. I’ve done some research into the Standard American Diet and found it to be quite unhealthy for you, and as a result, shun that way of eating

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