My Cultural Identity Research Paper

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People always confuse cultural identity, what cultural identity really is, it’s being apart of a group, ethnicity, religion and social class. Everyone’s cultural identity is different and unique. My Cultural identity is being African American and Christian. My culture identity is different from other peoples. Also I have stuff that makes my cultural identity unique.
A big part of my culture identity is shoes, my family and I are in love with shoes. We went to New York City Flight Club a couple years ago to get Drake’s shoe collab with the Jordan brand. They were called, “Jordan OvO 12s” and they were going for the cheapest price of $900. The way shoes play a big role in my family is by, buying someone shoes for their birthday, christmas or
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Food plays a big part in my culture identity because there is different types of food I like, which may be different from others. Most food that represents me and my cultural identity is junk food. That represents my culture because that is all I like to eat. At every party or family gathering while most of the people are bringing health foods, I’m always the one to bring junk food. Every time there is a new type of junk food like candy, donuts or cake I’m always the first one to buy it and try it.
One of the last things that play a role in my culture identity is music, my family and I really loves music. I listen to music everyday and it relates to my culture identity. It relates because I only like songs that I can relate to and feel deep down inside. Mostly I like songs that I think is good which might be different from other people. It plays an important role in my family and in my culture identity because that’s all my family and I listen to. We listen to music through everything like parties or even family gatherings.
In Conclusion, Culture identity shouldn’t be confused or made fun of because it can be offensive to most people. Everyone also has a different culture identity which makes them and whoever else is apart of their culture identity more unique. Culture identity is also a great way to see how you feel about yourself deep down inside. Music, Food and Shoes are all the different things to help identify my culture
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