An Essay On My Cultural Identity

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My Cultural Identity
The most important part of my cultural identity would be Love, because it will always be there no matter what. My religion and gifts given, to food and movies all represent my cultural identity in different and unique ways. My cultural identity is unique and it is an important part of my life because it defines who I am.
A gold cross necklace represents my culture and me. When I was about 15 I had my first communion. When someone who is catholic and does their first communion the people normally organize a party to celebrate the ceremony. On that special day, gifts are given are also given. For my first communion, I received a golden necklace with a cross at the end. The necklace is gold in the front and silver in the
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A taco is normally made by putting meat in a tortilla where it later can be topped with mostly anything that you want. My favorite type of tacos would be the ones that include lamb meat. My second favorite would be carne hasada, which is meat grilled at a certain point. When my family makes tacos my mom always makes sure the tortillas are handmade, because a handmade tortilla gives the taco a unique and particular taste. Just like how tacos are made in Mexico. In Mexico tacos are a huge part of our culture because they are found everywhere and overtime people get used to it. One part of making lamb meat tacos is that we have to hunt for the lamb. We would wake up at 5 am am in the morning to hunt the lamb, and have it ready by 9, where we then cook it and is ready at around 1pm. In Mexico every night at any corner of the street there is a taco stand available. The only thing you can hear is people trying to sell tacos and people talking to each other. Ever since I was little I’ve enjoyed eating taco, and to this day it still my favorite. In my family, my dad has always been the cook. Normally he lets my brother’s and I help out, which is one way it helps connect our family together. Tacos are an important part of my cultural
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