My Culture And Cultural Identity

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My Cultural Identity
The most important part of my cultural identity would be Love, because it will always be there no matter what. My religion and gifts given, to food and movies all represent my cultural identity in different and unique ways. My cultural identity is unique and it is an important part of my life because it defines who I am.
A gold cross necklace represents my culture and me. When I was about 15 I had my first communion. When someone who is catholic and does their first communion the people normally organize a party to celebrate the ceremony. On that special day, gifts are given are also given. For my first communion, I received a golden necklace with a cross at the end. The necklace is gold in the front and silver in the back of the cross. The gold necklace is connected with small chains. For catholics sacraments such as first communion are required. The gifts that are given have to do something related with our religion. My parents, knowing that our religion is important gave me the necklace so I can always have God with me and feel safe. The necklace is important to me because it creates a connection with my family every time it is worn. On my first communion the necklace was blessed with holy water, the blessing of the cross helps helps to signify that the cross is connected with God. I believe that one major gifts that came along with my necklace is Love. that no matter where I am in life or what I do, I will always be loved. My gold cross necklace

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