My Culture In My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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Culture to me is mostly about family, language, food, and traditions. These are the things that people see about people 's culture. What people don’t see is religious beliefs, gender roles, values, views on raising children, nature of friendship, and body language. Even though culture has the same characteristics, each one is very different to each culture. This depends on where you family is from and what traditions they decided to pass on and teach the next generations. My culture is very similar to Toula’s culture in the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” in many ways and is very different from Ian’s culture. It is also a little different since in the movie it is about Greek culture and mine is a mix between Italian and Macedonian. The Portokalos family was about what food she ate, who she marriages, house proximity, and family involvement. Ian’s family life was quiet, no traditions, and had to become a lawyer. My family life is about getting an education, get a good job, travel, get married later, is not as loud, and mostly same traditions as Toula’s family. Some of the traditions that are the same as Toula’s are to get married in a greek orthodox church, and we also eat most of the same foods. The egg cracking at easter is a tradition my family does which symbolizes resurrection and new…show more content…
After watching the movie I realized that a lot of cultures are very different, and that some families stick to tradition more than others. I also really enjoyed seeing two different cultures combine and become more open to new people and new traditions. I also found interesting that in the Greek culture women are just supposed to get married and have kids. I never knew that about their culture since my culture is very different in that aspect. I also found it interest that Ian’s family had no traditions and that there family live far from them, since my family is very different from that. The movie was very eye opening to see other cultures traditions and what they believe
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