Reflective Essay: My Current Study Habits

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My Current Study Habits It seems today weither it be work or school we hear the term homework alomost everuday which means go home and study. To be honest I have meet very few people who likes studying things that are given to them, unless they are interested in that perculiar subject. Being interest in the subject is usuful for it makes studying more appealing. However, this isn't usually the case when forced to write a paper or pratice for a math quiz it is more often or not just pain in the butt, but if a person wants to go somewhere in life they need to build strong study habits. For this paper I'll use my own experience to help explain the process and how I usually go about my studying for my current semester. Step one of Evualt the situtaion to meet ones study needs starting date August 21,2014. With start of this current semester I'll admit things are going rough. I been having issues with blackboard and not having word office have made most classes a struggle. With english and spainish the mylabs have caused me alot of grief. Also without word office I can't get into any of biology information or chemestriy on my own computer which leads me to having to borrow my parents or my twin sister labtops. So I…show more content…
With adpating to the changes around me I hope that I can bring improvement to them and get back where I am usually at. Most of the time when things get steady I find simplier to keep up and to produce better work-quality with my time studying. However, being steady is my weak point right now and I got to learn more study habits that will allow me to adjust easier this semester than my last few. Evualt, pratice, time management are three implrant parts of studying, and by applying these it helps me with the stucture I need. Finishing entry September 3,2014, I hope this can be found useful to anyone who is trying figure out what type study habit they
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