My Dance Experience

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My finger violently shook as I pressed send on my audition video and resume to the dance program at Julliard. I had given my life to dance as I grew up. Never had there been I day when I hadn’t danced. I spent my week nights dancing for hours on end, and the weekends driving to near states to compete. Although I miss some free time and other opportunities, I couldn’t imagine a life without dance. Dance fills me with joy and helps me express any emotion that I feel and can’t convey with words. I had prepared my whole high school career to get ready to apply to Julliard. I spent my extra hours at the dance studio perfecting a solo audition that I could have a chance with. I spent hours on end researching different dance programs, until I realized…show more content…
and headed to the airport to catch our flight back to Sheridan. As we walked around the airport little tears trickled down my cheek as I realized that I had to leave and wouldn’t be back to my new favorite place in the world for a couple months. Once we touched down in Sheridan, my life went back to normal. I lived life like a normal senior in high school. I hung out with my friends and stayed up for hours either dancing or completing homework assignments. But it felt like I had a secret life, that soon I would be able to go live. a life that is totally different, and soon I would leave Sheridan behind in order to begin my new and exciting life. With only two months left before I would head to college, I had lots of things to do. I had to pack up my room, and decide on the things I wanted to take and the things I wanted to leave. All my other friends were going to college either at Sheridan or in Laramie so it was hard to leave them all behind. Also, leaving my family for four years and growing up so quickly will be the hardest thing to do. Even though it was going to be hard, I was ready to…show more content…
Everything was still so beautiful and I still got the chills just looking at the school. Once we got out of the car, a guide met us and began giving us the rundown on how this orientation day was going to happen. She gave me my room key and told me that my roommate’s name was Emily and she was a music major. The guide also gave us directions to get to the dorm. Me and my mom paid the best attention we could, but neither of us had a very good sense of direction, so it took us awhile to find the dorm room. Once we were there we went straight to my room and I opened the door, to find a very nice looking girl setting up her desk. We started talking and I soon realized that we were sure to be friends. Now that I knew my roommate was nice, that was one less thing I had to worry about.
My mom and I spent the day figuring out where the dining hall was and things like that. My classes started on the next day and I could hardly wait, even though tomorrow was the day that my mom headed back to Sheridan without me. I tried to soak her up as much as I could, because the next time that I would see her would be during Thanksgiving break. That seemed like such a long time. I was hoping that I would have so much fun that I wouldn’t have time to become homesick. I would spend my first night in the dorm tonight, and then I would meet my mom in the morning for the last time to tell her

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