My Dark Secret Essay: The First Day Of School

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Riiiiiinggggg! My alarm went off as I was waking up for the first day of school to start. I didn't want to go to school because i still haven't told anybody about me being thirsty for books. As I was getting dressed I was wondering about how people would judge me if I did end up telling them my dark secret. I was walking to school and as I reached the gate, I took a deep breath and walked through. When I was passing everybody nobody noticed me so I wasn’t as worried as I was before. I went to go put my stuff down at my desk and went back outside I noticed someone calling me and as I turned around it was my good friend Mose.
As we were talking,he said that I looked pale and sick and i told him that the sun doesn't really shine in Snitch Town because of the curse and he agreed. When he agreed I took a breath in relief. After a while, our teachers evoked everybody to get inside and get to their homerooms. When I started to walk to the door Mose asked me what the mark on my arm was. I tried really fast to think of a lie and I told him that a snake bit me when I was in the graveyard. He asked me if it hurt and I told him that the pain was really excruciating. Mose said that he said he felt sorry for me, but I told
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I told him that the guy that bite me was really scary, and it seemed like he was enjoying my story.Mose asked me what would happen if i didn't drink the books I said if i didn’t I would be really dehydrated and he looked shocked. I asked him what was wrong and he said he couldn’t believe that I was not a human being.He asked me if we could go because school is over and I said ok.We went to my dad's book store and I took him to my secret hiding place behind the bookshelf. We talked for like another forty-five minutes and then we went to the park. Mose kept asking me all of these questions and I just told him to stop worrying about it and he dropped
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