My Darling Clemente: Film Analysis

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With the fact that settlers were also a big element in most Westerns, I feel as if they also played a factor in the Westerns that were produced in Arizona. Arizona had image of being a wild west environment. The landscape is very vast which result in many ghost towns throughout the state. With these ghost towns, it was a source of wilderness against civilization conflict in the Westerns.
In films such as My Darling Clemente, there were many elements of this conflict as Wyatt and his crew traveled to the town of Tombstone. Throughout the film, there were many visible representations of this element. When random bullets were being fired throughout the barbershop, we as an audience can see the wilderness effect. Also, certain buildings such as the jail in the town of Tombstone has the look of a saloon or even a motel. The lack of security enables the wilderness of the Arizona landscape to engulf the meaning of what a jail really is in the wild west.
Also, the church scene in the film also had a great impact in the film. It was a separation between wilderness and civilization because it used the landscape as a potential living environment for anyone, especially Wyatt. “The sequence brings together in many connotations of intermingled home and wilderness space in the film” (Budd 137).
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The vast landscape of Arizona allowed these films to create new conflicts that expanded more than a typical train chase or train conflict. Arizona allowed the films to use mountains and the ghost towns to give the audience an authentic feel to these films. Also, we see new heroes being generated as the American Cowboys are idolized. We also see the Native Americans as savages and are always the bad guys in the eyes of the public. The wilderness allowed these Westerns to effectively touch on all of these traits by using the Arizona
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