My Day In Life

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In our modern society being a student doesn’t mean having a lot of free time, because young people have not only a lot of schoolwork. We also have different family responsibilities and job. Besides, there is a large number of hobbies, sports, volunteer or social activities in our lives, because we are humans and we need something to fill up our hearts with love, joy and happiness. And I want to tell you about myself. I am a student of Penn Foster school. That means that the most of the day I spend there on the lessons. Me and my classmates receive a lot of information in school every day, we learn many interesting things, we communicate and share our opinions with each other. But we also have some tasks that we should do at home. So, usually after school I come back home and spend a few hours doing these exercises. After this, I need to hurry up to be on time for work. I succor pupils whose parents are very busy at work. My job is to help children with their school tasks, especially with English. I started to work as so called teacher not so long ago. I have an excellent grade in English at school and one day my father’s friend asked me to help his son with English. It’s been about a month when another parent wanted me to have additional lessons with his daughter. So today I have 5 pupils with whom I have lessons regularly once or twice a week with each. After my lessons I visit French club, because I want to speak French as a native speaker. This club is open twice a week,
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