My Deaf Career Goals

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My career goals are simple and are an easy choice to make, to teach A.S.L. (American Sign Language). As a sophomore in high school I had the opportunity to take an A.S.L class and it was one of the most life changing classes I have ever taken. Before that class I was so blind to the deaf world. Now that I have not only completed one A.S.L. class, but three classes, I know so many different things that I would have never known before. I also want to make people aware of the oppression of deaf people; this problem is called audism. People think of deaf people as half a person because they can’t hear; I want to change that. I also want people to understand that deaf people aren’t impaired. Deaf people don’t like being labeled as “hearing impaired”. It’s more proper to call them deaf.

I want to use my degree to become a teacher. I have always wanted to do something I loved when I grew up but, I never really knew what that was until this past summer when I started teaching a neighbor ASL.
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Ranging anywhere from my church youth group serving elderly members of our community by cleaning their leaves in the fall to my own personal commitment to helping others whenever I can . One specific area I would like to touch on is I am a current National Honor Society Member. Some people of N.H.S. think that you can just belong to N.H.S. and not do anything and yet it still looks good on a college application. I believe that being a N.H.S. member means something more. Members need to be actively engaged. I have done many things with N.H.S, one example of my service with N.H.S is serving in the local veterans home. This past year our N.H.S. has adopted the Veterans home in my community. I have gone to the Veterans home and helped the men and women who fought for our country just by small and simple acts of bringing them a nicely decorated handmade card, I have brightened someone 's
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