My Dearest Lover Analysis

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Q.1.1. THE POEM:
My Dearest Lover
My dearest lover,
Hold my hand
As the sunshine welcome’s us to this new day
Let us embrace the light
As we feel the warmth of the sun’s rays linger on our skin
I have never seen a light so bright
For that light glitters in your eyes.
We are so full of vibrance
As we begin to embark on this journey called life,
Let us go hand in hand
And explore the unknown
Young and in love
Free spirited and passionate,
Let us fall together
And get lost in the world of love…

Let time progress,
Allow memories to be made
You’ve become my pillar of strength
I rely on you for support every single day.
Let us grow old together
I can’t wait, but at the same time I can,
I feel it as being a tormenting joy
For it shall deepen
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It is a poem that portrays the love between two young lovers and of how over time their love will grow and deepen, but at the same as they physically get older, their ages will bring them closer to death. The speaker is afraid of losing her loved one as she sees him as a pillar of strength that she relies on for support, and without her pillar, she is nothing. One can notice that she is heavily dependent on time to move slow as she does not want time to make way for death to ultimately destroy her lover. She personifies death as a living creature and is fearful of how unexpected death may arrive. She says that death cannot take what belongs to her, but then comes to a realisation that trying to avoid death is inevitable. She accepts that someday her lover may be taken away from her – but that doesn’t change the way she feels for him. She will continuously love him till the end of time. The speaker brings us back to the present and allows one to realise that we must not rush to grow up too fast and that life must be lived each day as if it is the last. The poem ends powerfully where the speaker expresses her deep emotions for her lover in saying that “I love you my dearest lover, till the end of time, forever and always, you will be
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