My Debilitating Fear Research Paper

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My Debilitating Fear “Click” “Click” “Click” is the only sound i hear as the car makes it 's way up the tracks. i was only twelve and i have never been on a rollercoaster before. i always had a fear of them and told myself that i would never go on one but that all changed. My dad had bought season tickets to six flags now I had always seen commercials but i 've never actually been there. And he told me that today was the day I overcome my fear. This fear has never gotten to me this bad and I know for sure my dad wont let me back out now. As soon as we loaded up the car I sat there frozen as ice not believing we were going to a roller coaster park. Me and my dad loaded the last thing into the car and we left. it was about an hour long drive so I had lots of time to think about it. The ride was quiet and…show more content…
Further I finally got myself to move and get out of the car. I walked in and showed them my card and walked into the park. When he pointed to the first one we were riding I looked and it had the highest drop. I walked up to the sign and read “The Titan” but my mind saw “Your Doom” and i was terror-stricken. Unfortunately the line was short we were second in line for the front seat. The time came when I got onto the ride until it took of and I could not stay up. I smelled my own fear emitting as it went up slower and slower. I had the bitter taste of regret lingering in my mouth as we made our way up. We went above the whole park it was astounding. I gripped the bar tightly as we made our way over the top. The car went down faster than light My body flopping everywhere, but somehow I wasn 't scared I enjoyed it. As soon as I stepped off I wanted to go again. As a result I didn 't let fear take over and I rode it again. I rode every ride there is and I had the best time of my life. if you have a huge fear don 't let it get in the way. it is very easy to overcome a fear it just takes strength. So take my advice and Take control of your fear. Don 't let fear
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