My Defining Moment

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In life, there are defining moments. Moments that make a person who they are, moments that determine how a person reacts to situations or what a person is going to do with their life. These moments happen instantaneously and can change a person 's journey forever. They aren 't always huge events. They can be as simple as turning right instead of left on a walk. I think there have been a few major life events that have altered my path and led me to my choice of applying to graduate studies in biomedical research. As a young child, my mother was incarcerated. Being from a small town in Mississippi, nothing stays a hidden for long. There was a certain stigma that came with the circumstances, and people expected less of me. I could have easily conformed to the expectations of the social standards, but instead, I decided to disprove the odds. I used it as a way to learn how to deal with adversity, which has helped me in countless ways throughout my life.…show more content…
I thought I wanted to do nursing school, but quickly realized it wasn 't for me. I knew I needed to keep my scholarships because my dad was a single parent, and I had to think about my brother getting ready to go to college as well. So, the best option financially was for me to go to a community college. In order for me to get the most benefits out of my education, I decided to take mostly, English and history classes at the community college, so that my core science classes could be taken at a university. I think this was a great decision. I think this also gave me a chance to prepare for the workload of graduate school, as I have needed to take large course loads in order to graduate in a timely
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