Personal Narrative: The Day I Lost My Diary

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The hallway was quiet and deserted ; the only sound emitted was from the enormous main door. Which casted a shadow on me. I sprinted to my locker as fast a cheetah to find my diary, which I am very eager to receive. Shivering with anxiety, I swung open to pick up my diary and scrambled through papers, books and junk. However I couldn't find it. Folding my arms, as if I trembled with fury; I shuffled towards the bench that was wrapped with scratches. The scratches were certainly not formed using any equipment. More like, strong and sharp and long finger nails like a razor blade. Somehow, I sat on the bench which felt doubtlessly torturing. I tried to remember all the subjects on the day I lost my diary. I certainly had my diary after lunch…show more content…
When I arrived I saw hurdles and other PE equipment trying to block me. These obstacles were extremely hard to overcome, especially the skipping ropes. The legs were stuck in the skipping ropes. The ropes felt alive, they were trying to capture me. Abduct me. Somehow, I untangled the skipping rope. At last, my feet were let loose. They escaped. The Changing room was chaotic. The first thing I noticed was the smell. An odd smell, like dust and mold. There were clothing and Trainers splashed with crimson red blood which seeped through the thick cloth and dripped on the floor. Trying extremely hard, I attempted to look around for my diary. The walls were dripping blood and were cluttered. I went on my toes and glimpsed on top of the locker, where we usually store valuables. Although, now the locker is empty. My heart was beating louder than a drum in a marching band. I stared at myself in the mirror in the changing room. I was sweating a great amount, as if I was in a humid tropical rainforest. Immediately, I saw a person holding a knife covered in blood behind me. He had thick blue veins. Swelled through his wax paper skin. He turned and pierced me with his gleaming emerald stare. His eyes seemed to reach and penetrated into the depth of my soul. I screeched my lungs out with a high pitch. Even though, I walk slightly unsure; I still glanced behind. No…show more content…
Quivering with terror, I sobbed with my sweat soaked hair, coiling around my tears. My heart beat gradually slowed down leisurely. I felt more calm and relaxed. I exhaled while I tried to catch my breath. The frightening moments leaked out of my mind resulting in a more confident, courageous and positive thought

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